Tender sale notice for leasing out of Dhoni Rubber plantation for collection of Rubber Latex for the crop year 2017-18. After technical evaluations the following bidders are found eligible for evaluation After technical evaluations the following bidders are found eligible for evaluation In partial modification of tender notice No.14651 dt.19.08.2017 TENDER NOTICE FOR SUPPLY, INSTALLATION, COMMISSIONING, CONFIGURATION AND OPERATION OF CCTV SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM IN “CORPORATE OFFICE OF OFDC” BHUBANESWAR Tender Document for selection of Bidders for Implementation of Grid Connected Roof Top Solar PV at Corporate Office, OFDC Ltd EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FROM ELIGIBLE RETIRED OFFICERS OF OFDC LTD. AND FOREST DEPARTMENT FOR CONTRACTUAL ENGAGEMENT IN THE POST OF DIVISIONAL MANAGER IN CORPORATE OFFICE, BHUBANESWAR AS MANAGER IOPERATIONI NOTICE FOR CANCELLATION OF TENDER NO. 8776 DATED 11.05.2017 FOR SUPPLY INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING OF ROOFTOP SOLAR POWER PLANT Expression of interest invited vide notification No.12082 dt.06.07.2017. Provisional annual Sale schedule of Kenduleaf for the year 2017-18. Notice regarding sale of Round Firewood through Commission agents. Retail selling rate of Round Timber w.e.f.12.5.2017 General Selling rate of Round Timber w.e.f.12.5.2017

Odisha Forest Development Corporation Ltd (OFDC) came into being with effect from 14.11.90 by merge of all three forest corporations of the state, namely Odisha Forest Corporation (1962), Odisha Composite Board (1983), Simlipal Forest Development Corporation (1979) and Odisha Plantation Dev. Corporation (1983). On Merger it was named as OFDC Ltd.

Odisha Forest Corporation has been created in 1962 with the objective of exploiting the state's vast forest resources scientifically without sacrificing the apparent forest values, ensuring a fair wage to forest labour force and to provide sufficient non-tax revenue to the State exchequer, as well as to promote feasible forest based industries in the state. The OFDC is fully owned by Government of Odisha. Its authorized capital and paid up capital are Rs. 500 lakhs and Rs. 128 lakhs respectively.

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