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The present function of corporation revolves around marketing of timber salvaged by Forest Department, kendu leaves processed by Forest Department, salseed and bamboo and other non-timber products collected/ produced by raw material procurer and directly. It regulates the distribution of timber, firewood, commercial bamboo, and other small timbers as per availability to the local people through about 150 numbers of depots of the corporation in the state. Physical and financial achievement under different activities during last few years are given below.


Timber and Firewood

Timber and firewood trade is the core activity of OFDC Ltd. Main source of timber and firewood is from the forest coupes delivered by forest department as per the prescriptions of working plans. Harvesting of timber from coupes ensures good health and hygiene of forests. OFDC Ltd. also receives timber and firewood salvaged from forest floor, timber seized in forest offence cases, tenant timber and from developmental project areas like roads, railways, refineries, mining etc.

After harvesting, these timber and firewood are brought to various depots maintained at different places in the State. OFDC has more than 150 nos of Timber and Firewood Depot across the state for sale of these products. OFDC makes retail sales of timber and firewood in addition to the auction/ tender sales. Production of Timber & Firewood during the last three years are furnished below

Timber Production
Working Year No.of Coupes Worked Timber Production
Coupe Salvaging & UD Case Other Sources Total
2012-13 123 21450.58 4660.42 2324.58 28435.59
2013-14 124 19878.48 14945.88 3331.45 38155.82
2014-15 110 17296.82 26453.18 3569.75 47319.76
(ii)Fire Wood Production Qnty in Stack(12'x3'x3')
Year No of Coupes Worked Firewood Production
Coupe Salvaging Other Sources Total
2012-13 123 7794 4711 7263 19768
2013-14 124 7496 7672 17890 33058
2014-15 110 7146 8864 16356 32367
Revenue Timber and Firewood Sales in Lakh
FY Timber Firewood Total
2012-2013 5226.50 687.98 5914.48
2013-2014 5319.98 768.15 6088.13
2014-2015 7307.62 892.64 8200.26

Kenduleaf is a nationalised forest product in the State. It is called green gold of Odisha. Odisha is the third largest producer of kendu leaf next to M.P. and Chatisgarh. The kendu leaf of the Bolangir District is traded as the best processed kendu leaf through out India. The uniqueness of Odisha's Tendu (kendu) leaf is in processed form where as the rest of the states in India produces in unprocessed dry Phal form. In processed form, the Kendu leafs are graded into different qualities that are Grade I to Grade IV as per the specification of color, texture, size and body condition of the leaf and packets will be done by taking 5 Kg as a Bundle. Twelve Bundles of 5 Kg of each are packed in

a gunny bag and 100 such bag equivalent to sixty quintals make one truckload. Where as no gradation is done in respect of PHAL Leaf and only loose leafs are packed tightly inside the gunny bag. The kendu leaf is collected and processed by kendu leaf wing of the Forest Department and marketed by the OFDC after its nationalisation since 1971. After deregulation of phal Kendu leaf in Jeypore and Nabarangpur from 2014 crop year, OFDC is marketing kendu leafs of those areas which are collected by the KL organisation. The quantity sold and its sale value during last five years are shown below;.

Crop year Quantity sold(in Lakh Qntls) Sale Value [in Lakh]
Processed Phal Total
2010 3.588 0.843 4.431 36424.16
2011 2.978 0.832 3.810 41330.88
2012 3.395 0.868 4.263 42219.33
2013 3.581 0.908 4.489 41958.66
2014 3.268 0.684 3.952 39067.30

Bamboo is a nationalised forest product in the State. Production is done either by the OFDC or through Raw Material Procurers (RMPs) . Most of the Bamboos in the form of Industrial Bamboo [I.B] is sold to Paper Mills where as commercial Bamboos [C.B] are harvested for supply to local people and Bamboo artisans at concessional rate. The details of production during the last 3 years are as follows:

QntyI.B in M.T C.B in numbers
Year No.of Coupes Worked Production of
Bamboo (in SU)
Commercial Bamboo(in nos.)
2012-13 38 2825.64 134788
2013-14 61 12967.85 102610
2014-15 38 3213.57 52304
Other Products

Rubber plantations have been raised during 1985-86 in Khurda and Mayurbhanj districts. For collection of Latex, the Plantations are leased out to entrepreneurs through competitive bidding process. OFDC also collects latex and sales them to different entrepreneurs. Rs. 35 lakh is collected in a year from leasing of rubber tapping.


Commercial plantations including Cashew, Rubber, Eucalyptus and other suitable species have been raised by OFDC over an area of 53,389 ha.

Particulars of Plantations Plantation Area (in Ha)
Cashew Plantations 17547
Other Commercial Plantations 35842
Total 53389

Cashew plantations are leased out through competitive bidding process to interested bidders for collection of cashew nuts. OFDC is also engaged in raising avenue and block plantations, plantations around industrial areas, landscaping etc for various industrial units like IOCL, Dhamra Port, NHAI, East Coast railways, Airport Authority of India, MCL, SAIL, landscaping at Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar etc as well as the State Government

Saw Mill Operations

OFDC Ltd. is operating 7 nos of Saw Mills at Berhampur (Ganjam), Khapuria (Cuttack), Jeypore (Koraput), Maithili (Malkanagiri) Nowrangpur, Remed (Sambalpur) and Rourkela for meeting timber sawing requirement of the public. Another 5saw mills will be made operational soon.

Processing of MFP items and other value added products

OFDC is also processing MFP items like honey. It is also producing pickles from mango, lemon etc, quash and a soft drinks made from honey, ginger and lemon. These items are sold through various outlets of OFDC and also through authorised selling agents. There is good demand of all these products in the market throughout the state. OFDC is in the process of modernisation and automation of product lines of the Canning Center at Jashipur.

Revenue from selling of these products like Rubber, value added MFP products, leasing out cashew lots, plantation activities, sawing of private timbers in its saw mills etc, performance for last three years against such products/ activities are as follows:

Year Rubber MFP Plantation Sawing Cashew Total
2012-13 41.53 33.83 288.53 207.41 263.54 834.84
2013-14 39.77 499.16 197.10 269.33 1062.43
2014-15 9.52 28.87 679.21 199.77 220.71 1138.08