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Bamboo is also a nationalized product in odisha since 1988.Unlike Sal Seed, the collection and marketing of Bamboo from the natural forest is done either directly by OFDC or through the RMP (Raw Material Procurer) as per the decision of the Government. To regulate the collection and trade of Bamboo, odisha Govt has formed a high-powered committee of Bamboo consisting of Agriculture Production Commissioner, Secretary to F&E Dept, Secretary to Industry and Finance Dept, PCCF odisha & CMD OFDC Ltd.

Before start of the working season (October to June), the high power committee decides the various modalities for working of bamboo, which include operational cost, royalty to be paid to the government. Cost to be paid by purchaser for Silvi Cultural operation and commission to be paid to the OFDC limited. Bamboo after extraction from the forest either by OFDC or RMP is stacked in the specified depot and then it is supplied to the paper mill at the factory site.

Bamboo in odisha is mainly classified into two categories one as industrial bamboo, which is used by the paper mill, and the other is called as the commercial bamboo used mainly for household and other works as well as for rural artisans.

The selling price of Bamboo fixed by the Government during last few years has varied between Rs 1500 to 1700 per metric tonne.

In case of working by the RMP, the forest coups are delivered to the RMP by the forest department through OFDC Limited. A minimum target of production division wise is also fixed for each paper mill.

After taking deliveries of the forest coups from the OFDC limited, the RMP starts extracting Bamboo from the field and transport to the depots of the OFDC Limited & after payment, the same is transported to the paper mill site.

The delivery is given to the RMP after receiving sale value by the OFDC limited.

The sale is being on the basis of actual weight taken both in the depot as well as the paper mill factory site of the paper mill.

The terms and condition of the sale of the Bamboo is to be abided by the RMP.

The annual production potential of Bamboo in odisha is estimated to be around four lakh metric tones. Out of which the demand for paper mill is around 2.5 lakh metric tonne and rest goes towards meeting the requirement of rural artisan, house hold etc.

The Government earns an annual revenue of about 10 Crores from the Bamboo and Several thousands of poor get employed during the working of the Bamboo.

The cutting of Bamboo is regulated by cutting rules as prescribed by the government and after cutting proper step is taken to develop the ongoing bamboo by doing certain Silvi Cultural Operation.

It is mandatory under the provision of working plan that out of the total production of Bamboo, about 5% commercial bamboo are extracted to meet the local demand of rural tribal & artisans of the society. These bamboos are stacked and kept separately at the convenient depot to supply to the rural artisan and others on a subsidized rate.

Transportation of Bamboo both in commercial as well as industrial is done through a valid permit issued by the authorized agent of Forest Department.