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OFDC Ltd. have raised cashew plantation over an area of 18704.99 ha. from 1978-79 to 1992-93 in Bhubaneswar and Berhampur Division. Out of which pure cashew plantation over an area of 11,053.99 ha. and cashew with mixed species plantation over an area of 7651 ha.

The cashew nuts with thalamus from these plantation are being disposed off through Auction/Tender sale and OFDC earned revenue to a tone of Rs. 175 lakhs appx. Pre annum. As per the decision taken in the 196th meeting of board of directors held on 17.3.2003. The cashew plantation lots have been sold on three year licence basis except some lots having less no. of plants during the 2003-04 and the said lots were sold on one year licence basis revenue earned on cashew plantation lots of last five years is as under.

Year Revenue earned (Rs. In lakhs)
2000-01 Rs. 193.15 lakhs
2001-2002 Rs. 149.60 lakhs
2002-2003 Rs. 155.17 lakhs
2003-2004 Rs. 182.15 lakhs
2004-2005 Rs. 181.33 lakhs

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