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Non Timber Forest Products

Regulation of collection & trade of NTFP in Odisha.
NTFP policy - 2000 for Odisha.
Grampanchayat MFP Administration rule 2002.
List of MFP.
OFDC involvement in trade of NTFP.

Conceptually NTFP (Non - Timber Forest Products) refers to all biological materials other than timber extracted from natural forests for human and animal use. It includes plant tissue used for fiber, building material, medicine, edible leaves, roots, flower, fruit, seed, nuts, honey, resin, glue, lac etc. and has both consumptive and exchange value. They have income potentials and provide employment opportunities. Prior to national Forest Policy (NFP), 1988, NTFPs were popularly know as Minor Forest Products (MFP) that was centered around Kendu leaves (Bidi Patta) and few other products. Besides the economic value, the non-economic value of NTFP for the forest dwellers is more important since quite a good number of such products don not enter into the market and are primarily consumed at local level with a little value addition. NTFPs are a part of the socio-cultural life of tribal people who mainly maintain a symbolic relationship with the forest and forest based products. More particularly the reliance of tribal on NTFP becomes very high during uncertain agricultural yields for both food securities during seasonal shortages as well as for household medicine and income needs.

Despite the rich potential of NTFP in Odisha forests, Having about 120 number of species, there have been inadequate efforts in the past by the State Government with regards to its collection, processing, marketing and income generation to benefit large number of rural population in general and tribal in particular. As a result, gross underutilization of available NTFP resources has adversely affected the livelihood sustenance of poor forest dwellers living in and around forests as also the forest revenues for the state Government. Keeping stock of the situation, various forest acts, laws have been formulated and implemented from time to time, and also a number of institutions have been established to do away with exploitative interested of middlemen, traders, businessmen.