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 Tender Notice for Sale of Salseed    

Sal Seed

Sal Seed is a nationalized product since 1973 that means its trade is directly controlled by the Government of Odisha.Sal seed is one of the important Produce obtained from Sal (Shorea - Robursta) tree, which is predominantly available in Odisha. Production potential of Sal seed in Odisha is estimated to be around 40,000 metric tones but it depends on the weather condition prevailing during flowering & frooting and hence its Production varies from one year to another.

Sal seed is basically used for the extraction of the oil, which is used mainly in manufacturing of chocolate and other fashionable items. Oils are exported mainly to Japan and at some extent to the European Countries and market depend largely on the demands raised by these countries.

As per Government decision since last few years Odisha Forest Development Corporation and Tribal Development Co-operative Cooperation (TDCC) have been assigned to collect & trade Sal Seed from primary gatherers. The area of operation has been divided between these two government agents for making payment to the primary gatherers. These agencies have also to pay the royalty to Govt as fixed by Govt.

Government fixes the procurement prices annually. Since last three years the minimum procurement price payable to the primary gatherer as fixed by the Government has varied between Rs 3 to Rs 3.25 per kg. This means these two agencies must pay this minimum price to the primary gatherers. After purchasing from the primary gatherers the Sal seeds are stored temporarily in the Central Godown Spread through out Odisha Which is maintained by these two agencies.

After purchasing the Sal Seed from primary gathers the OFDC & TDCC trade them by inviting a national tender in which traders through out the country participate. But the percentage proportions of traders have been found maximum from chhatisgarh and Mp.

The tender of the salseed is invited every year in the month of May & June by advertising it in the nationalized daily both in Oriya and English.

The terms and conditions and tender form can be obtained from the following address:

Manager (Timber and NTFP),
Odisha Forest Development Corporation,
A / 84, Kharvel Nagar, Unit - III,
Bhubaneswar - 1.
Tel: 0674-2534086, Fax 0674-2535934.

The detail information about the quantity of salseed available for sale in different godown can be obtained from the concerned Divisional Manager.

Kendu leaf in Odisha is sold by a standard weight which constitute one lot is equal to 100 bags and each bag contains 12 bundle each of 5 kg. This means one lot of processed kenduleaf generally constitutes 60 quintals of kendu leaf. Average selling price of Kenduleaf varies between Rs 30 to Rs 80 per kgs depending on grades.

Procedure for sale of Sal Seed

  1. Tender is opened on a fixed date in the presence of all tenderers in the OFDC head office at Bhubaneswar.
  2. Intended tenderers have to pay Rs 100 as the cost of the tender form.
  3. The person who will be interested to offer the tender for advance sale of the salseed may download the tender form and offer their tender along with a bank draft of Rs 100 payable in favour of OFDC from any nationalized bank payable at Bhubaneswar.
  4. A fixed amount of EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) has also to be deposited by the intended tenderers along with the submission of the tender form .The EMD can be deposited in the form of Bank Draft, payable to OFDC ltd drawn from any nationalized bank.
  5. The successful purchasers have to abide by the terms and conditions applicable for the sale and have to lift the entire sold salseed within the period specified in terms and conditions of the sale.
  6. After opening of the tender in the presence of tenderers, the purchaser who quote the highest price is declared as the successful purchaser and work order is issued offer executing an agreement and receipt of the sale value of security deposit.