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Saw Mill Form
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OFDC trade timber both in round as well as in sawn forms in different dimension from their specified depots. Once in every month there is auction of round timbers from its each depot through general auction on a pre-fixed date.

The auction details are advertised in local daily both in Oriya and English. Auction takes place at the timber depot site where purchasers gather and bid the purchase price in presence of the Divisional Manager and his subordinate staffs of a particular division. Before announcing the auction, lots are formed comprising different girth classes' species wise. The prices quoted by the bidders are tabulated and sale is ratified in favour of the highest bidder.

In order to participate the auction, the interested person has to get registered and deposit a fixed percentage of the security deposit in the form of Bank Draft. In case he fails to succeed as a highest bidder, his security amount is refunded and in case of successful bidder the security amount is adjusted from the sale price.

Person interested to participate in the auction may contact the concerned Divisional Manager over phone or fax and can know the detail about the species ready for auction that is quantity, quality and girth, species wise.

One can also know through the concerned divisional manager about the formality and terms & conditions require to be completed for the purchase of timber.


Name Of The Zone Name Of The Division Place Of Auction Date Of Auction
Bhubaneswar (C) zone
Bhubaneswar (C)
Dhenkanal (C-KL)
Jajpur Road (C)
Keonjhar (C-KL)
Karanjia (C)
Baripada (C)
Unit-III, Bhubaneswar
Mahisapat Depot
Jajpur Road Depot
Sikkulabahal Depot
Badampahar Depot
Balia/Palbani Depot
7th in every month
5th in every month
4th in every month
3rd in every month
2nd in every month
2nd in every month
Berhampur Zone
Berhampur (C)
Bhanjanagar (C)
Boudh (C-KL)
Muniguda (C)
Raghunathpur Depot
Lalsingh depot
Charichak Depot
Muniguda Depot
9th in every month
9th in every month
10th in every month
12th in every month
Bolangir Zone
Bhawanipatana (C-KL)
Bolangir (C-KL)
Jeypore (C-KL)
Nowarangpur (C-KL)
Jeypore (C-KL)
Lanjigarh Depot
Kantabanjhi Depot
JRH Saw Mill, Maithili
Papadhandi depot
11th in every month
11th in every month
13th in every month
13th in every month
13th in every month
Sambalpur Zone
Rourkela (C-KL)
Deogarh (C-KL)
Sambalpur (C-KL)
Jharsuguda (C-KL)
Rairakhol (C-KL)
OSM & Kalunga Depot
Badkudar depot
Remed Depot
Badmal Depot
Rairakhol Depot
16th in every month
17th every month
17th in every month
17th in every month
18th in every month
16th in every month


Name of The Zone Name of The OFDC Division Name o f The Saw Mill
Bhubaneswar (C) zone Bhubaneswar (C) Division
Khapuria Saw Mill, Cuttack
Berhampur (C) Zone Berhampur (C-PL) Division
Raghunathpur Saw Mill, Raghunathpur
Sambalpur (C) Zone Sambalpur (C-KL) Division
Rourkela (C-KL) Division
Remed Saw Mill, Remed, Sambalpur
Odisha Saw Mill, Rourkela
Bolangir (C) Zone Jeypore (C-KL) Division
J.R.H. Saw Mill, Jeypore
Mathili Saw Mill,Mathili
Nowrangpur Saw Mill,Nowrangepur