canning & Food processing

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OFDC is manufacturing and marketing high quality, delicious pickles such as Mango Pickle, Mixed Pickle free from preservatives. The processing plant is situated at Jashipur nearly 110 Km away from Baripada, where the canning center is situated surrounded by a huge forest area bearing mango, guava and other citrus fruits, from where fresh raw fruits and vegetables from local area are sourced for our production.

Manufacturing unit fully complies with the stringent requirements of Food Processing and Industries, Pollution Control Board.

In pursuit of excellence in manufacturing quality products such as mango pickle, mixed pickle, we are working to achieve ISO Certifications. Our quest for quality starts from sourcing the best of fruits and vegetables, to providing state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, minimized hands free technology from blending to packaging - an added effort to enhance product quality, appearance and taste.

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OFDC is processing and marketing honey by collecting from the tribal people who gathers from the wild bees deep in the remote Simlipal forest. Simlipal forest honey has specific physical and chemical charctertics. Honey is a fluid saccharine substance with a special flavor.

This flavor comes from the nectar of the plants and flowers absorbed by the bee. The quality of the honey itself depends on the type of the plant or flower visited by the bee.

The main factor for successful honey productive areas is the variety of habitats able to give the adequate quality of honey. Its supreme quality reflects in the summer long sunshine periods.

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Squash from Bela, Lemon and Mango is also manufactured at the canning center. The peculiarity of producing the squash from green mango is well demanded & recognized both inside and out side Odisha.