Citizen Charter


Odisha Forest Corporation was established in 1962 as a Marketing Agency of State Forest Department with a view to eliminate over lapping of forestry activities. The State Government decided to merge all the three forest based Corporations of the state with effect from 01/10/1990 by execution of necessary agreement for sale under the Companies Act.

Accordingly the activities of SFDC and OFDC were merged with O.F.C. in consideration of the development. After sale of the transferred and transferee corporations, the OFC was renamed as “ODISHA FOREST DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED” (OFDC) with effect from 14/11/1990. Latter on O.C.B. was merged with OFDC with effect from 01/04/1991 in pursuance of the agreement for sale.


OFDC is a Public Sector Undertaking. Itis an MoU signing Company with the Government of Odisha.

  • Registered Corporate Office at A/84-Kharvel Nagar, Bhubaneswar
  • Four Zone Offices at Berhampur,Bhubaneswar,Bolangir & Sambalpur
  • 21 Division offices in various places of Odisha as mentioned below
01. Angul-CKL 02. Baripada-C 03. Berhampur-C
04. Bhanjanagar-C 05. Bhawanipatna- CKL 06. Bhubaneswar-C
07. Bhubaneswar-Pl 08. Bolangir- CKL 09. Boudh- CKL
10. Deogarh- CKL 11. Dhenkanal- CKL 12. Jajpur Road-C
13. Jeypore- CKL 14. Jharsuguda- CKL 15. Karanjia-C
16. Keonjhar- CKL 17. Muniguda-C 1 18. Nowrangpur- CKL
19. Rairakhol- CKL 20. Rourkela- CKL 21. Sambalpur- CK


  • To undertake proper and scientific exploitations of the Forest Resources in India and particularly of the State of Odisha in order to obtain the maximum financial outturn.
  • To encourage and establish industries based on Forest Products and erect factory or factories in suitable place/place for the manufacture of articles from different forest products and encourage the use of seasoned and treated timber by establishment of seasoning kilns and treatment plants.
  • To market the various forest products both raw and value-added goods inside and outside the State of Odisha and to explore new markets for less known timber and other produce exploited.
  • To plant grow, cultivate, propagate, produce and raise plantations of all kinds of varieties of forest plants, trees grasses, bamboos, canes, medicinal plants and crops. Bid to buy, sell, export, import, process and manufacture, distribute or otherwise deal in all kinds of forest plant tree and forest products.
  • To carry business of planters, cultivators, sellers and dealers in timber, plywood, pulp wood and other soft wood, firewood, charcoal, barks, bamboos, K.L. sal seed and such other forest products to manufacture, dispose off, sell and deal in products of forest plantations.
  • To establish deposits at convenient places for supply of timber, firewood and other forest products to the local people at reasonable rate.
  • To train up personnel with a view to taking of more advanced management of forest and the flora and fauna thereof by setting up appropriate institutions and training centers.

Social Objectives

  • Generation of employment
  • Conservation of Forest Wealth
  • Supply of firewood, timber an d Bamboo to local people at reasonable rates
  • Contribution to relief funds
  • Contribution to welfare fund of Forest Department


The following facilities are being provided by the Odisha Forest Development Corporation:


1-Supply of Timber & Timber Products in Auction/Tender and at retail sale depots

Regular monthly Auction & Tender Sales are made at Zone offices for sale of Round Timber/Sawn Timber/Round Fire wood/Sawn fire wood/Poles & Ballies and Bamboo on lot basis for small / medium business houses & exporters. Auction/Tender sale dates at different zones are normally done as per the schedule indicated below:

Name of the Zone Date of Auction to be commenced from
Bhubaneswar 12th of ever ymonth
Sambalpur 19th of every month
Berhampur 29th of every month
Bolangir 29th of every month

Besides above retail sales are made to meet the requirement of the local people for various forest products at different rates in sale depots scattered all over Odisha. About One Hundred retail sale depots have been established in Odisha for this purpose. In order to view list of these depots

2 - Fuelwood for cremation purposes

Casuarina Fuel wood is being provided at a concessional rate of ` 500per quintal at Swargadwar Depottwenty four hours for purposes of cremation. Social Service Organizations have also been involved in the supply of firewood for cremation.

3 - Timber for house construction

Timber is available for house construction to the general public at the prices fixed for the retail sale against approved house map in urban areas and against Gram Pradhan’s certificate/BPL/Ration Card Holder in rural areas.



Regular monthly Auction & Tender Sales are made at Sambalpur & Bhubaneswar for sale of Kenduleaves on lot basis for Traders, Exporters and Bidi Manufacutrers. To be a participant in the Tender/Auction process of Kenduleaf one has to be a registered purchaser of OFDC. For this purpose a sum of ` 10000 has to be deposited as Registration money at Corporate Office / Divisional Manager Sambalpur-CKL Division which will be refunded on application/seizure of trade link with OFDC. Lot Lists of Kenduleaf auction/tender are distributed free of cost only to the registered purchasers . Further details on trading of Kenduleaf can be obtained from Divisional Managers, General Manager Zones & Marketing Manager Kenduleaf ,Corporate Office.


Honey , Pickles, Squash

Pure Honey collected from Similipal Forest are processed at OFDC’s Jashipur Plant, sold to general public along with Pickles & Squash manufactured from this unit.



Tall Tree [5~6’] Nursery for Plantation

OFDC is taking up Plantation Projects of Government & PSUs on Avenue & Barren Lands. State Government PSUs ,NGOs, Individuals & other Organizations are provided with Tall Trees for Plantation in order to achieve 100% survival rate.

Note: Trade Tax, Income Tax, and VAT are payable to government on these prices in accordance with regulations. These rates are displayed at the depots.


The grievances received are settled at various levels on the following order of sequence.

  • Divisional Manager
  • General Manager
  • Managing Director
  • Chairperson

Every saturday of the week [4PM onwards] is set apart for Grievance Redressal when all Divisional /Zonal/Corporate Heads remain in their offices and receive and hear public Grievances. The public can contact various offices of the Corporation whose address, phone numbers are available in the official website of the Corporation or through email. Publication is made under the Right to Information Act 2005 and is available on website The details of Address, Telephone No, e-mail ID of the grievance redressal authorities are exhibited below

Corporate Office Address Telephone No. Off/Res/Mob Email ID
Chairperson A/84- Kharvelnagar, Bhubaneswar O-0674-2534094
Managing Director do O-0674-2534067
Zone offices
General Manager Bhubaneswar Zone, 90/91-Satyanagar, BBSR O-0674-2570879,
R-0674-2116892, M-9438333909
General Manager Berhampur Zone, Berhampur O-0680-2291346,
R-0680-2292144, M-9438659962
General Manager Bolangir Zone, Bolangir O-0652-231032 ,
R-06652-232159, M-9438659962
General Manager Sambalpur Zone, Brooks Hill, Sambalpur O-0663-2548158,
R-0663-2410126, M-9438642117
Division Offices
Divisional Manager Angul-CKL Division, Angul O-0764-236362,
Divisional Manager Baripada-C Division ,Baripada O-06792-252272,
R-06792-262296, M-9437089062
Divisional Manager Berhampur-C Division , Berhampur O-0680-2233515,
R-0680-2283430, M-9437778201
Divisional Manager Bhanjanagar-C Division, Bhanjanagar O-06821-241078 ,
R-06821-241076, M-9437323349
Divisional Manager Bhawanipatna-CKL Division, Bhawanipatna O-06670-230488,
R-06670-230836, M-9437198500
Divisional Manager Bhubaneswar-C , 90/91-Satyanagar, BBSR O-0674-2570608,
R-0674-2596550, M-9437870367
Divisional Manager Bhubaneswar-PL, 90/91-Satyanagar, BBSR O-0674-2572719,
R-0674-2744967, M-9937502253
Divisional Manager Bolangir-CKL Division, Bolangir O-06652-232559,
R-06652-235849, M-9437143547
Divisional Manager Boudh-CKL Division, Boudh O-06841-222014,
R-06841-222130, M-9438126390
Divisional Manager Deogarh-CKL Division, Deogarh O-06641-226420,
R-06641-226408, M-9437299155
Divisional Manager Dhenkanal-CKL Division, Dhenkanal O-06762-224595,
R-06762-224585, M-9437988197
Divisional Manager Jajpur road-C Division, Jajpur road O-06726-220443,
R-06726-220743, M-9437175876
Divisional Manager Jeypore-CKL Division, Jeypore O-06854-241059,
R-06854-241084 M-9437331369
Divisional Manager Jharsuguda-CKL Division, Jharsuguda O-06645-270047,
R-06645-270732, M-9437586816
Divisional Manager Karanjia-C Division , Karanjia O-06796-220216,
R-06766-255322, M-9437210817
Divisional Manager Keonjhar-CKL Division, Keonjhar O-06766-255321,
Divisional Manager Muniguda-C Division, Muniguda O-06863-24513,
R-06863-245323, M-9438183659
Divisional Manager Nowrangpur-CKL Division, Nowrangpur O-06858-222044,
R-36858-223714, M-9437900287
Divisional Manager Rairakhol-CKL Division, Rairakhol O-06644-253025,
R-06644-253026, M-9437269883
Divisional Manager Rourkela-CKL Division, Rourkela O-0661-2600694,
Divisional Manager Sambalpur-CKL Division, Sambalpur O-0663-2548185,
R-0663-2410851, M-9437157520


The expectations from the customers are usually started in the Auction/Tender documents and subsequently in the purchase order & way bill. Any ambiguities are resolved through the ‘Contract Review’ mechanism established, implemented and maintained.



As per the instructions of the Central Vigilance Commission, a Notice Board has been displayed at a conspicuous point at the Receptionarea ,so as to catch the attention of the public in three languages i.e.. vernacular, Hindiand English, as indicated hereunder:


If anybody of this office asks for bribe or if you have any information on corruption in this office or if
you are a victim of corruption in this office, you can complain to :


Chairperson Odisha Forest Development Limited, "BANA NIGAM BHAWAN",
A/84-Kharvel Nagar,Bhubaneswar - 751001 (Office Phone No. 0674-2534094


Sri S.S. Srivastava,IFS Managing Director Odisha Forest Development Limited,
"BANA NIGAM BHAWAN", A/84-Kharvel Nagar,Bhubaneswar - 751001
(Office Phone No. 0674-2534067 Email-


ACB,CBI Bhubaneshwar, Unit-VIII,P.O. Nayapally,Distt- Khurda,
Bhubaneshwar- 751012 Phone -0674-2561375 Email ID


The Secretary,Central Vigilance Commission, Satarkata Bhawan,
Block 'A',GPO Complex,INA, NEW DELHI - 110 023
Complaints can also be lodged online on the Commission's

Task Force:

Task Force: As required under Citizen’s Charter guidelines issued from Government of India, the Task Force in OFDC Ltd. is constituted as noted below to oversee the formulation of the Citizen’s Charter:

Sl. No Citizens' Charter Committee Members Officer / Staff Member nominated
I Nodal Officer:(To act as Member Secretary of the Task Force) 1. General Manager [A&P]
II Task Force  
1 1-2 Representatives from Top Management 1. General Manager [Hqrs.]
2 2-3 Representatives from Middle Management 1. Manager Corporate Office
3 2-3 Representatives from Cutting Edge Staff 1. S.D.M. Bhubaneswar
4 Representatives from Staff Associations/Unions 1. President OFDC Officers Association

Review of the Charter:
Periodic reviews follow effective implementation and monitoring to verify the effectiveness and continued relevance of the Charter. Its successful implementation is ensured by familiarizing all the employees with their roles in effective implementation and continuous improvement of the charter by giving wide publicity and formal training. Management Reviews are conducted at periodic intervals to ensure the continued relevance and need for updating the Charter.

Charter on the Web:
To ensure that the Charter of OFDC is open and available to all concerned, it is hosted in the Company’s website:

Motto of OFDC: