Saw mills

Saw Mill Operations

OFDC Ltd. is operating 9 nos of Saw Mills at Berhampur (Ganjam), Khapuria (Cuttack), Jeypore (Koraput), Maithili (Malkanagiri), Nowrangpur, Remed (Sambalpur), Muniguda, Kantabanjhi and Rourkela for meeting timber sawing requirement of the general people.

Sawing of log is an essential preliminary to their proper economical utilisation. Sawmilling is an important steps in wood utilisation. Round Timber is sawn into planks, scantling, sleeper beam, Batten and reapers etc for various uses.

Sawmill cater to the need of Sawn Timber for domestic use as door and window frame, shutter and for various wooden furniture. Sawn Timber has its use in furniture industry. Thus, use of wood cannot be thought of without sawmill. Odisha Forest Developmental Corporation have been catering to the sawing needs requirement of Domestic and industrial consumption.